Saturday, March 28, 2009

2007 Overview

The year 2007 was our last year where we actually did pretty good business-wise. But we won't talk about 2008 yet. We did lose two of our most special pets in 2007..Sam, our chow-lab mix in July, and our very special cat, Jitterbug in October. I will cover this in more detail in my next postings. We were enjoying planning for our retirement as well. As you can see, this didn't exactly pan out. We did some improvements too. We re-roofed all our deluxe cabins with metal roofs-copper colored, and they look great, especially when you're out on the lake looking for our resort. We also took a real vacation to Washington D. C. in November. More on all of this later when I get more organized. I'm still in my learning curve with blogging. Hopefully I'll get to the point that I can add pictures later on. That will take time.

Welcome to Black Oak Resort's Blog

I created this blog as a means to keep you up to date on what's been going on at Black Oak Resort. It's been over two years since I last published a newsletter, so this will take awhile to catch up. I hope to bring you up to date with multiple posts over the next few weeks. This blog will keep you all current instead of only one missive once a year. Since I have a lot of ground to cover, I'll tackle each subject as a separate post. Thanks for your patience.